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September 30, 2016   •   PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL 9.6 is Released: Contribution of Postgres Professional

PostgreSQL 9.6 was released yesterday. This is a great release which provides to users set of outstanding new features. We are especially happy that Postgres Professional did substantial contribution to this release.

August 15, 2016   •   Company Updates

Galy Lee at PgConf2016 Russia presented a talk «Growing acceptance of PostgreSQL in China» - Video

This talk gave an overview about the Postgres adoption in 2015 in China.

August 11, 2016   •   Company Updates

Bruce Momjian at PgConf2016 Russia with talk «Postgres Going in Multiple Directions» - Video

This talk covers the top ten new features that appeared in the Postgres 9.5 release. It also covers some of the major focuses for post-9.5 releases.

August 5, 2016   •   Company Updates

DBA1: Free PostgreSQL Course In Minsk

In July 2016 in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, Postgres Professional held educational course for PostgreSQL users and administrators.

April 29, 2016   •   PostgreSQL

Scalable Real-time Product Search using PostgreSQL with Citus

We are delighted to repost the  article by Citusdata, and appreciate the recogintion of our contribution:  "Special thanks to the people at Postgres Professional  for contributing most of the full-text search, JSONB, and GIN index features in PostgreSQL, as well as the initial code for the Citus COPY feature"

April 12, 2016   •   News

ora2pg improved by 45%

Gilles Darold from the french company Dalibo, the ora2pg author, has blogged that the performance improvement given by the Svetlana's patch can be as high as 45%.

March 25, 2016   •   PostgreSQL

Monitoring Wait Events in PostgreSQL 9.6

Recently Robert Haas has committed a patch which allows seeing some more detailed information about current wait event of the process. In particular, user will be able to see if process is waiting for heavyweight lock, lightweight lock (either individual or tranche) or buffer pin. The full list of wait events is available in the documentation. Hopefully, it will be more wait events in further releases.

March 15, 2016   •   PostgreSQL

Postgres developers (retrospective in pictures)

Oleg Bartunov: Today I have feeling, that our developers community needs some nostalgia.

March 4, 2016   •   PostgreSQL

Beta-release of pg_pathman partitioning extension

pg_pathman is distributed as PostgreSQL 9.5 extension and available at github

February 26, 2016   •   News

Henrietta will present a talk on Temporal and Bi-Temporal databases at the PostgresPrpo seminar at 2 Mar 2016.

February 12, 2016   •   News

Six hundred and eight participants, including sponsors and speakers joined PGCONF.Russia 2016 on Feb.3 - Feb.5.

August 30, 2015   •   PostgreSQL

Recently, we got  access to a big server: IBM 9119-MHE with 8 CPUs * 8 cores * 8 threads. We decided to take advantage of this and investigate the read scalability of postgres (pgbench -S) at this server.