Postgres Pro Enterprise

Postgres Pro Enterprise is a commercial Postgres Pro fork, which contains all the functions of the free-distribution version and binary incompatible with vanilla PostgreSQL. Postgres Pro Enterprise has been released in May 2017. Test versions are available on request to

The main advantages of the Enterprise version:

64-bit transaction counter (XID)

Allows to get rid of the XID wraparound problems, which becomes an important issue for vanilla PostgreSQL with 32-bit XIDs under high workload. We managed to do this without a noticeable increase of the headers or metadata size.

Incremental block-level backup

Postgres Pro Enterprise databases store maps of changed blocks, allowing to make selective copies of blocks changed since previous time. This makes possible to decrease the storage size needed for backup and speed up the database recovery. The greatest advantage is achieved for large databases with relatively small variable parts.

Autonomous transactions

Vanilla PostgreSQL has no built-in autonomous transactions. Several workarounds are used to emulate them, involving DBLink or pg_background extension. As our migrating from Oracle customers are not completely satisfied by them, we have implemented autonomous transactions inside Postgres Pro, providing much better performance.

Table partitioning

Our approarch to table partitioning illustrated by pg_pathman extension, in Enterprise version is enhanced with better performance and scalability due to deeper PostgreSQL core level changes. In subsequent releases declarative DDL syntax for partitioning management is planned.

Data compression

Block-level data compression managed at the tablespace level allows to compress data by several times on realistic datasets with moderate computational costs.

Multimaster cluster

A shared-nothing clustering solution with true distributed transactions. Provides automatic failover and horizontal scalability for reading.

Transportable tables

This feature allows to disconnect a table from one database instance and move it to another. This helps to solve multiple DBA taks, including data lifecycle management, parallel data loading with horizontal scaling etc.

Planner hints

Postgres Pro Enterprise includes the pg_hint_plan extension for tuning query plans with hints.


The supported platforms are:

  • RHEL 7,
  • CentOS 7,
  • Debian 8, 9,
  • Ubuntu 16.04,
  • SLES11 sp4,
  • Alt Linux SPT 7,
  • Rosa EL,
  • Rosa SX Cobalt,
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2012.