Postgres Pro in the cloud

For your convenience, we made Postgres Pro DBMS available on popular cloud hostings. To access the installation guidelines and Postgres Pro DBMS product pages, please pick the preferred cloud platform where you want to run our database software.

Postgres Pro DBMS can now be hosted on popular cloud platforms.

To run Postgres Pro Database at the cloud hosting of your choice, please follow the guidelines on the corresponding page of our website. If you don't see your preferred cloud hosting here or find it labeled with a "coming soon" mark, please contact us via to get the update on our partnership status for your hosting.

Microsoft Azure

Postgres Pro VMs and Docker images are available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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Nutanix Era

Postgres Pro DBMS has been tested on Nutanix Era cloud and is available to Nutanix customers.

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Coming Soon

Amazon Web Services

Will soon become available in the AWS Marketplace
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Google Cloud Platform

Availability for Google Cloud Platform coming soon
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Please familiarize yourself with our standard End-user License Agreement for the Postgres Pro DBMS. By starting to use any of our cloud solutions, you also accept our EULA.


Why use Postgres Pro DBMS as a hosted database service?

Cloud hosting providers let you quickly scale up when you need more resources. In most cases, you have to hire more DBAs with higher qualifications to manage your own on-premise database setup. A cloud database service ensures easier database deployment and management in a secure environment that meets the latest high availability requirements. This is why we provide Postgres Pro Database as a service on Microsoft Azure and other popular cloud hostings.

As of now, we are establishing partnerships with Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services to make Postgres Pro Database available there, too. After we get the final approvals from Google & Amazon, these pages will be unlocked.