Postgres Professional is the Russian PostgreSQL company founded by Russian PostgreSQL contributors. Company owns 50+ employees, among them three Major PostgreSQL Contributors.

Our company had successfully performed large PostgreSQL projects including database migration projects for well-known Russian and international companies.

We provide industrial PostgreSQL services: vendor technical support, migration, custom extensions and core patches development, migration-related consulting, training and certification.

PostgreSQL-based industrial solutions

Design and development of mission-critical high performance systems based on PostgreSQL. Optimizing DBMS configuration. Consultancy on database design, architecture and performance. Audit of industrial databases, high-performance and fault-tolerant architectures. Deployment and integration of PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL vendor technical support

24х7 L2 and L3 technical support for PostgreSQL DBMS solutions by skilled administrators, including monitoring, analysis of incidents, performance assurance, DBMS troubleshooting etc.

Migration to PostgreSQL

Pre-migration complexity assessment. Migration-related application architecture optimization. Migrating systems (including seamless migration) to PostgreSQL DBMS. Migration-related consulting.

PostgreSQL custom extensions, core patches and forks development and support

PostgreSQL custom extensions, core patches and forks development and support.

PostgreSQL DBA and application developers training and certification

Training courses on PostgreSQL Database Administration, Application Architecture and Development with accent on the effective use of PostgreSQL advanced features. PostgreSQL features and changes notification. Seminars and special trainging upon request.