About us

          Postgres Professional is a Russian PostgreSQL company established in 2015. Among co-founders there are 3 major contributors to PostgreSQL: Oleg Bartunov, Teodor Sigaev and Alexander Korotkov.

          The company CEO Oleg Bartunov has been involved in PostgreSQL development for more than 20 years. Presently the team consists of more than 50 software developers, database architects and engineers.

          Postgres Professional mission is to develop a perfect database engine. Together with developing Postgres Pro, a private PostgreSQL fork, the company continues to contribute to PostgreSQL community. The upcoming PostgreSQL 10.0 release will contain 93 approved patches from Postgres Professional employees.

          Postgres Pro DBMS is available in Standard, Certified and Enterprise versions. Standard is most close to vanilla Postgres, containing some additional patches and extensions. The Certified version has additional security enhancements. Postgres Pro Enterprise is a commercial DBMS with essential performance and functional improvements.

          Postgres Professional provides 24*7 vendor technical support for PostgreSQL community and Postgres Pro DBMS, as well as a wide range of professional services, including database migration, technical audit, remote administration, custom development etc.

          Since 2015 Postgres Professional organizes PgConf.Russia – an international annual Postgres conference in Russia, one of the largest Postgres events in the world.

Postgres Professional Company