Postgres Pro Standard

Postgres Pro is a PostgreSQL-based DBMS developed by Postgres Professional.

Postgres Pro Standard provides early access to the new PostgreSQL features and performance gain before new official PostgreSQL release with technical support of Postgres Professional.

Postgres Pro Standard releases are composed as an actual PostgreSQL version with several patches and extensions, some of them already accepted into future PostgreSQL releases. Postgres Pro includes some patches and extensions by Postgres Professional. Usually most of them are already at commitfest.

Postgres Pro Versions

Postgres Pro version number is made by adding one subrelease number to the common PostgreSQL version number. With every PostgreSQL minor release the additional number is reset. For example, PostgreSQL 9.6.1 could be extended by Postgres Pro Standard, etc. When PostgreSQL 9.6.2 is released, Postgres Pro version numbers would start with

Together with source codes, we provide prebuilt packages for several platforms, including:

  1. Linux
    • CentOS 6/7,
    • Debian 7/8,
    • Ubuntu 12.04/14.04/16.04/16.10,
    • Oracle Linux,
    • Rosa Enterprise Linux server,
    • ROSA SX Cobalt Server,
    • ROSA DX Cobalt Server,
    • ROSA Marathon LTS 2012,
    • Alt Linux Centaur 8,
    • Alt Linux СПТ 6,
    • Alt Linux СПТ 7,
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server,
  2. а также Microsoft® Windows® 2012.

Postgres Pro 9.5.*.* databases are compatible with PostgreSQL 9.5.* . Dump-reload is not required for migration from 9.5.*. For migrationg from earlier PostgreSQL versions dump/restore or pg_upgrade are required.

Current Postgres Pro Standard version is, released on November 20, 2016.  Download .

Postgres Pro Enterprise DBMS, which is an advanced Postgres Pro version, is now under pre-release testing.