Postgres: The First Experience

We develop educational content for Postgres hackers and for those just getting started. Our introductory book remains popular with new Postgres users and can be freely downloaded by anyone interested in the world’s most advanced open source database.

«Postgres: The First Experience» book contains basic information about this DBMS and its main features, the history of its development and product roadmap, step-by-step installation instructions and a getting started guide.

We hope our book will make your first experience with PostgreSQL more pleasant and help you blend into the PostgreSQL community.

Download in PDF

A printed version of this book is often available for free at conferences where Prosgres Professional is participating.

From this book you will learn:

  • What is PostgreSQL
  • What’s new in PostgreSQL 12
  • Installation on Linux and Windows
  • Connecting to a server, writing SQL queries, and using transactions
  • Learning the SQL language on a demo database
  • Using PostgreSQL with your application
  • Minimal server setup
  • About a useful pgAdmin application
  • Advanced features: full-text search, JSON format, and foreign data wrappers
  • Education and certification opportunities
  • Keeping up with all updates
  • About the Postgres Professional company