Current releases

Postgres Pro Standard

Postgres Pro Standard provides early access to the new PostgreSQL features and performance gain before new official PostgreSQL release with technical support of Postgres Professional.

Postgres Pro Enterprise

Postgres Pro Enterprise is the most advanced variant of Postgres Pro DBMS.

Postgres applications and extensions


a utility to manage backup and recovery of PostgreSQL database clusters

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an extensible cross-platform solution that can collect and visualize multiple PostgreSQL and system metrics

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PostgreSQL monitoring plugin for Zabbix

a built-in Zabbix monitoring engine, intended for Zabbix Server version 5 and higher

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a module that provides an optimized partitioning mechanism and functions to manage partitions

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an extension for collecting sampling-based statistics on wait events

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a block-level incremental backup engine for PostgreSQL

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an open-source extension enabling real synchronous replication in Postgres

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a module that provides an access method to work with the RUM indexes

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an extension using ML methods for cost-based query optimization

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an extension for defining and using variables in client sessions

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a lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL

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PostgreSQL for Windows

Get the basic PostgreSQL distribution built by Postgres Professional; it contains pgAdmin and custom settings.

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Archive and Source codes

Postgres Pro Standard versions and releases archive

PostgreSQL source codes are available at

Extensions and patches source code available at GitHub.