Postgres Pro in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Postgres Pro Enterprise and Postgres Pro Standard virtual machines and Docker images are available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

Customers can get technical support via

Postgres Pro DatabasePostgres Pro
Postgres Pro
 Postgres Pro Enterprise Database is the most functional PostgreSQL-based databasePostgres Pro Standard Database provides early access to new PostgreSQL features and optimizations
Detailed historical workload analysis for database performance troubleshooting
Compressed file system to minimize data footprint 
Multimaster to setup high-performance, scalable, fault-tolerant shared-nothing cluster with synchronous logical replication 
Advanced table partitioning to manage large databases easier
Monitoring agent for collecting Postgres Pro and system metrics
Incremental block-level backup to protect the database more efficiently
In-memory data processing for faster operations with critical data 
Advanced task scheduler, query optimizer hints, transportable tables, built-in connection pooler and other features to simplify database manageability 
Autonomous transactions, 64-bit transaction counter (XID), ML-based adaptive query planning and other features to build applications 
Advanced authentication policies that provide effective password management and access control
Detailed logging of various security events for database audit
 Postgres Pro Enterprise in Microsoft Azure Quick Start GuidePostgres Pro Standard in Microsoft Azure Quick Start Guide