| pg_probackup 2.3.0 has been released

A new version of pg_probackup, a backup tool developed by Postgres Pro team, has been released. It is available on github and in the next Postgres Pro release.

New features:

  • The --status option can be used with the delete command to remove all backups with the specified status.
  • The --no-sync flag can be used with backup, restore, and archive-push commands to disable syncing of copied files to the underlying storage.
  • The --note option allows to add a text note of size up to 1KB to the backup metadata when running backup and set-backup commands.
  • Multi-timeline incremental chains are now supported. The timeline number of an incremental backup can differ from the parent timeline number, but only if it is possible to determine (using WAL archive) that the child timeline descends from the parent timeline.
  • You can now set PostgreSQL parameters primary_slot_name and primary_conninfo during restore using the -S | --primary-slot-name and --primary-conninfo options, respectively.
  • Major revamp of the archive-push command:
    • Multi-threading support is added via the -j | --threads option.
    • Batch processing is added via the --batch-size option.
    • In the remote mode, checksums are now computed on a remote agent.
  • Major revamp of the archive-get command:
    • Multi-threading support is added via the -j | --threads option.
    • WAL prefetching is added via the --batch-size option. The default location of the prefetched WAL segments is PGDATA/pg_wal/pbk_prefetch. The location can be changed using the --prefetch-dir option.
    • Partial WAL files produced by pg_receivewal program are now recognized and used if the corresponding full WAL segment is missing.


  • The speed of restore from incremental chain is greatly improved. In some cases, by an order of magnitude.
  • The speed of merge, especially merge of several backups at a time, is greatly improved.
  • The speed of remote backup in PAGE and PTRACK modes is greatly improved.
  • You can now delete a backup even if there is no space left on device.
  • Hidden files are now ignored during backup.
  • Now it is explicitly forbidden to restore a backup using an older pg_probackup version.

Bug fixes:

  • Enabled logging info file should not break archiving anymore.
  • The add-instance command no longer implicitly sets the --remote-proto and --remote-host parameters in the instance configuration when adding a remote PostgreSQL instance into the backup catalog.
  • When taking a backup in the ARCHIVE mode, pg_probackup now waits for the segment containing the START LSN, not the previous segment.
  • The expire-time attribute is now inherited during merge.
  • Setting session parameters via the PGOPTIONS environment variable during backup now does not cause corruption of backup meta information.