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From Palle Girgensohn
Subject Re: prepared statements don't log arguments?
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In response to Re: prepared statements don't log arguments?  (Oliver Jowett)
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--On torsdag, april 07, 2005 14.34.22 +1200 Oliver Jowett 
<> wrote:

> Greg Stark wrote:
>> Palle Girgensohn <> writes:
>>> When setting log_statement = all, and using JDBC PreparedStatements, I
>>> get $n in the log where the real arguments used to be in previous
>>> versions of postgresql:
>> You might want to look into JDBC options to disable use of prepared
>> statements. The old emulation code must still be there in case it runs
>> against a <=7.4 database so perhaps there's an option to use it.
> You can do this by appending '?protocolVersion=2' to the JDBC URL you
> use (or '&protocolVersion=2' if you already have other URL parameters).
> If you do this you also lose any features that need V3 protocol support
> (e.g. query parameter metadata and some resultset metadata).

OK, thanks. Still, I think I do need V3 stuff... Is it not possible to log 
the arguments, somehow? Seems strange?


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