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With 2 GB RAM I'd go for about this: (assuming you're using Linux)

shared_buffers = 32768
sort_mem = 61440
vacuum_mem = 32768
effective_cache_size = 64000

that should give you a start.

You might have to adjust your shmall and shmmax
parameters, again assuming you're using linux.
(you have to edit the /etc/sysctl.conf file)

There's good stuff on the web, try google and feed it with
"postgres shared_buffers effective_cache_size" or
"linux shmall shmmax"


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Betreff: [PERFORM] Can you help me?

Hello all!
          I'm a new to Postgresql , I have never used it  before.
          I am having an issue with configure the postgresql.conf file.
          The machine itself is a 2.66GHz P4 w/ 2G memory.
      Would you mind to send me a copy of examples .(postgresql.conf)
          Maybe you can tell me how to configure these parameters.


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