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From: Marco Furetto
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ok, I enable query duration logging in postgresql.conf.

where is the instruments for analyze the statistics queries executing on
my  db?

Eg.: Number of query executing, total time for executing a single query,


Marco "Furetto" Berri

Thomas Pundt wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tuesday 21 March 2006 09:25, Marco Furetto wrote:
> | I'm managing the db of a "Content Management environment" and I'm
> | searching for a "Query analyzer" to improve performance because i don't
> | know how many and what type of queries are executing on the system (for
> | the "where and join" block).
> as a first step, I'd enable query duration logging; in postgresql.conf
> I have set
>   log_min_duration_statement = 3000
> this will log each query that needs more than 3 seconds to complete.
> The next step would be to "explain analyze" the problematic queries.
> Ciao,
> Thomas

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