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From Bruce Momjian
Subject Re: [pgsql-www] Time to update list of contributors
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Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > I don't have a problem with that, but I think core code committers
> > and www maintainers should be indentified separately.
> Why? Then we have to also separate advocacy which is just as important
> and pgfoundry... as well as possibly a host of others. We all have our
> job in the community :). 
> > On a closely
> > related note: last time I looked there was no way for anyone to
> > discover on the web site who the committers actually are. That would
> > also probably be useful.
> See Dave's response about core not wanting committers that easily
> identified. I actually recall this argument, basically there are times
> when commit access might be revoked temporarily etc... IIRC..

I believe the reason we don't publicise who is a committer is that we
have non-committers who do a lot more for the project.  Commit rights
are usually given to people who do a lot of patches (perhaps small ones)
while people who develop larger patches are less likely to get commit
rights rapidly.

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