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On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 08:30:03 -0700,
  "Joshua D. Drake" <> wrote:
> Although I 100% agree with you Bruno, it should be noted that our lists
> are a closed box for most people. They don't follow what is largely
> considered standard amongst lists which is to have list information at
> the bottom of each e-mail.

There are reasons you don't want to do that. Footers work OK for single
part email messages. They don't make so much sense in multipart messages.
You can probably take a crap shoot and add the footer to the first
text/plain part and not break things. This won't work so well for multipart
alternative messages that have text/plain and text/html parts. You could
also try to insert a footer in to the html part, but thats a bit trickier
since you can't just put it at the end.

However, since the postgres lists are mostly just using text/plain parts
for message bodies and there are already footers being used to distribute
tips, it wouldn't make things significantly worse to add unsubscribe
information as well.

I would prefer just making the unsubscribe instructions easy to find on
the web.

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