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On Mon, 2 May 2005, Bruce Momjian wrote:

> Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>>> Well, I think there's numerous examples where someone suggests some
>>> feature or idea, and Tom or one or two other core developers will
>>> say: "I don't like that idea", and then the proposer will more or
>>> less give up on it because it is clear that it won't go anywhere.
>> Well I think that is more perception than anything. Sometimes you have
>> to fight for what you believe in. For example plPHP. I believe plPHP
>> belongs in core as do some other people. There are members of core
>> that are for it and against it.
>> Command Prompt as the submitter needs to make a valid argument to sway
>> core. We need to present code they would be happy with. We need to
>> present reasons why.
> I think the plan for plphp is to put the source in our CVS, but to
> require it to be compiled as a separate 'make' step after php is fully
> installed and using the new libpq.  I think we had agreement on that
> solution.

Last I read, both Tom and I were against it being in CVS (albeit for
different reasons) ... and there hadn't been any discussions past the end
of that thread that I've seen ...

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From: Bruce Momjian
Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Increased company involvement
From: Bruce Momjian
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