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On Sat, Apr 30, 2005 at 10:37:06AM +0200, Nicolai Petri (lists) wrote:
> >Anyone interested in pooling funds for features should take a look at
> >, which is about a FreeBSD
> >developer who offered to work full-time on developing some specific
> >features should enough people donate. Also worthy of mention is
> >
> This was really a great idea and we (my company) also supported it because
> we use freebsd as our primary os. We also use PostgreSQL as our primary db
> so it would be more than likely that we would donate money for something
> similar with postgresql if either :
>  a) we can direct the money at one or more specific tasks
>  or
>  b) the tasks founded will be related to core postgresql features e.g.
>     generel performance or other benefits that fits all.
> >I think that for certain key features there's probably a lot of
> >people who would fork over between $100 and $1000 towards getting a
> >feature completed.

> Yes - without any promise I would probably be able to raise between
> $1000 and $3000 in a period of the next 3 months. I would definately
> try it and I have multiple customers that have giving their intent
> on something like this.


> >Improved replication might be a good example. Table
> >partitioning would absolutely be an example. If there was a means for
> >these people to donate money towards work being done on some feature,
> >it's very likely that large chunks of development time could be paid for
> >just from smaller shops, let alone places that can afford to toss $20k
> >towards the development of something.
> I totally agree. In our preference list I would have the following tasks :
> 1)  IOT (Index Ordered Tables)

Is this different from CLUSTER?

> 2)  Table partitioning

That'd be nice.  It may be part of the bizgres effort, which
underscores the point others have made about this being not exactly
easy to find.

> 3)  Better multimaster replication framework

Slony-2 will be one of these.  It depends (I think) on 2PC, which
appears slated for 8.1. :)

> 4)  Extending PostgreSQL's plugin support with additional hooks in the
>      backend e.g. :
>       - for adding new tablestore engines (like mysql can)

To some approximation, DBI-Link
does this.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as it is
quickly approaching the edge of my skillset.

>       - for adding callbacks that get's called on transaction
> success/failure using SPI. (e.g. for housekeeping and cleanup)

Would this be like an ON COMMIT TRIGGER?

> 5)  Adding parameter support for NOTIFY / LISTEN

What's this for, and what cool stuff could one do with it?

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