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From Robert Treat
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On Saturday 30 April 2005 02:02, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > We'd like to avoid such unpleasant surprises, but how to get the word
> > out?
> More prominent placement of how to contribute would probably help. The
> PGF could help with this as well once it is done. Right now it is ether
> on how to contribute unless you know where to look.
> Right now on the front page when we ask for support we are asking for
> people to donate money. We don't need money. We need people. The support
> link goes to bandwidth but a great deal of the project is hosted over
> many, many servers with many providers. That really isn't as much of an
> issue anymore. At least IMHO.

At the least we could add a link in there with some info on sponsoring

> If it were I there would be a big link in bright text (not literally)
> that says, "How to contribute" on the front page of the website. This
> would go to a page that talks about the different ways to contribute
> with contacts for each topic.
> Who is head of Documentation?
> Who can I talk to about submitting patches?
>     To libpq
>     To ECPG
>     To JDBC
>        etc....
> What is the CVS policy?
> Anyway... just some thoughts.

Some of this sounds like things that should be put together in the devlopers

Robert Treat
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