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From Robert Treat
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On Saturday 30 April 2005 06:05, Kris Jurka wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Apr 2005, Nicolai Petri (lists) wrote:
> > We also use PostgreSQL as our primary db so it would be more than likely
> > that we would donate money for something similar with postgresql if
> > either :
> >   a) we can direct the money at one or more specific tasks
> >   or
> >   b) the tasks founded will be related to core postgresql features e.g.
> >      generel performance or other benefits that fits all.
> The problem is organization.  Who decides who gets what money?  What about
> features that are paid for and worked on and not accepted into the
> community codebase?  This was something I hoped the PostgreSQL Foundation
> would step in and do, but we seem much
> more focused on advocacy efforts rather than developemnt ones.

We need to get our 501c status out of the way before we can really get
involved in these issues. Once that happens there will certainly be
opportunity to discuss what role we should play in pushing forward

Robert Treat
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