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Kris Jurka wrote:
> One thing that definitely would be nice would be to be able to combine
> funds from various sponsors for various features.  Alone a company can't
> spring for it, but by pooling resources it could get done.  This is a lot
> tougher to coordinate and unless there is a complete spec in place
> different sponsors will pull in different directions.  Other bounty type
> schemes don't seem to produce results, largely from a lack of cash.
> (Here's $500 for two weeks of work).
> Anyone care to shed some light on how it works now?

I can tell you how I have done it.  If a company contacts me to add a
feature, I find the person I think is most qualified, check their
availability, and then get them in touch with the donor.  In some cases,
I coordinate the work, and actually funnel the money and guarantee that
the developer will be paid.  I can do that because I often have an
existing relationship with the funding company and the developer.

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From: Bruce Momjian
Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Increased company involvement
From: Bruce Momjian
Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Increased company involvement