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Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan <> writes:
> > Regarding the secret code stuff - I predict that it will quickly bite
> > whoever does it, unless they are extremely lucky.
> Yeah.  Bruce and I were worrying about this on the phone today.
> If a company is doing some work with the intent that it's a proprietary
> extension they can sell, no problem --- the BSD license is specifically
> intended to let them do that.  What's bothering us is the thought that
> people are off in corners developing code that they think they are going
> to contribute back into the community code base "after it's done".  Past
> history shows that the odds of getting such things accepted into the PG
> community code base are *very* bad if you didn't communicate with the
> community from the start of your development process.
> We'd like to avoid such unpleasant surprises, but how to get the word
> out?

Well, I received a private email with most of the companies involved as
CC's and many of them have made comments on the issue, so I think we can
say they saw the postings on this topic.

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