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Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> >
> > Do companies want to write for Blue Hat PostgreSQL and Suza PostgreSQL
> > because that might be what happens if we don't stay organized?  In fact,
> > it might have be happening already.
> Well that depends... If the companies are writing for Pervasive
> PostgreSQL I don't think they would have a problem with that ;).
> And I do agree with you Bruce, it is happening already -- I don't think
> there is any question in that.

Oh, well good I am not seeing phantoms.  I have had time to focus on
where we are for the past few days and I am worried about what I see. It
can be great, or it can be a mess, for both us and the companies
involved, and I want to work to make it the former.

The fact is, we now have more and more companies relying on us to be a
success, and that is an added responsibility for us.  We can make it
work, but just hoping for it isn't enough --- we have to focus on the
issues early and plan for that success.

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