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From Simon Riggs
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On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 19:01 -0300, Marc G. Fournier wrote:

> > So, I'd be happy with this as well:
> >
> > USA, Atlanta ... 2007-10-22
> > USA, Edison ...2007-11-13
> > UK, London ...2007-11-12
> > Sao Paulo, Brazil ...2007-12-01
> > etc.
> I like this one ... shows that training can be found around the world ...

Not sure about that. It assumes people are more interested in location
than they are about content. People used to do "training", but now the
range of available classes is increasing and not all training is the
same, so the short description is essential, the location is not.

The main issue seems to be that there are only 3 slots.

We're wasting loads of space elsewhere on the home page and we should
make better use of that. Or, as Magnus suggested way back, have the main
page scroll down the page further.

Things are pretty much the same with blogs. People writing one line
blogs to force other people's names off the list. 

Maybe we need some kind of regionalisation, randomisation or click-thru
oriented prioritisation. Good blogs stay higher, longer etc..

--  Simon Riggs 2ndQuadrant

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