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From: Chris Mair
Subject: Re: (offtopic) ISO certificates
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> "ISO certificate" is quite vague because there are different types of
> certitifcates AFAIK.
> He is probably asking about ISO 9001, for quality system.
> I am tempted to answer that we are not ISO certified.  And to explain
> that we will
> probably never have such a certificate because in an opensource
> project it is not
> possible to force everyone to work according to some strict procedures .
> Is this correct ?
> I'm wondering whether it's true that all EU financed projects must use
> only software
> from ISO-certified sources .

Definitly not true.
Probably some PHB threw some random mention of ISO 9001 into the project
proposal - the project was accepted - and now they're a stuck trying to
comply with this.


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