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From: Jeff Davis
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In response to: Re: [OT] PHP vs Postgresql argument on Slashdot's front page.  (Chris Browne)
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On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 14:29 -0400, Chris Browne wrote:
> "Karen Hill" <> writes:
> > Looks like the PHP vs Postgresql argument is on's front
> > page.  Just giving everyone a heads up so they can go and defend
> > postgresql.
> It looks like a discussion thread that doesn't require that much
> "defending" be done...

Sure, but it wasn't PostgreSQL that needed defending, Ramsus was
defending himself.

I wasn't at the conference, but he claims he was horribly

At this point I think it's just a case of sensationalistic journalism.
That doesn't mean it won't hurt PostgreSQL a little though.

    Jeff Davis

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