Re: 'Real' auto vacuum?

From: Mindaugas Riauba
Subject: Re: 'Real' auto vacuum?
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> > When a row is orphaned it's added to a list of possibly available rows.
> > When a new row is needed the list of possible rows is examined and the
> > first one with a transaction id less then the lowest running transaction
> > id is chosen to be the new row?  These rows can be in a heap so it's
> > really fast to find one.
> This is the long-term plan.    However, it's actually a lot harder than it
> sounds.  Patches welcome.

  Some ETA? Since that would be the most welcome addition for us. We
have few very heavily updated databases where table bloat and constant
vacuuming is killing performance.


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From: "Mindaugas Riauba"
Subject: Re: 'Real' auto vacuum?
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Subject: Re: 'Real' auto vacuum?