Thread: Raise Exception

Raise Exception

"Mario Reis"
  Dear Sir,

 I' ve recently join to PostGreSql community. I'm testing it on a local
network and I'm very found of it .
However there are a few things that I'd like to understand better.

 As far as i realise, every time the Server validates a wrong value for an
input it Raises an Exception with the check failure for each input "for each
 For example, for each invalid foreing key, it automaticly raises an
exception.If you
have a large file 20fields to validate before insert the validates each on
at a time and
raises an exception for each falure.
 As far as i understand it should join all  the validities from each field
record and latter
 display/notify, all them at once, joinning all the errors after an insert
or update instruction
 for each record of course.
 This way it w'll save time and resouces communications special in a large
network with a large
 number of users.

 Sorry if i got it wrong. I also appologise if this isn't the right place to
put this question but
i don't know where else puting it.

 I hope you w'll understand what i mean. Sorry for my poor english.

 Thanks any way