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ramasubramanian, 27.05.2009 08:42:
> How to insert or update a file in a table using the query in postgres
> CREATE TABLE excel_file_upload
> (
>   user_id integer,
>   excel_file bytea
> }
> example
> insert into excel_file_upload values(1,file1)
> file1 can be any file *.doc,*.xls
>     How i can do this(with out using java or any other language)
> using query?

If you are restricted to psql then I gues the only way is the solution show by Albe - but I guess that only works if
thefile is on the server. 

Some of the GUI SQL tools can handle blob "uploads" from the client. So if you are willing to switch to a different SQL
client,this could be done without programming.  

My own tool available at can either do that through a GUI dialog or as part of an extended
SQLsyntax that is of course specific to that application. 


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