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From Qingqing Zhou
Subject Re: Use of * affect the performance
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"Marcos" <> wrote
> I always think that use of * in SELECT affected in the performance,
> becoming the search slowest.
> But I read in the a Postgres book's that it increases the speed of
> search.
> And now???? What the more fast?

If you mean use "*" vs. "explicitely name all columns of a relation", then
there is almost no difference except the negligible difference in parsing.
If you mean you just want part of the columns of a relation but you still
use "*": Yes, you will save one projection operation for each result row but
you will pay for more network traffic. In the worst case, say your "*"
involves some toast attributes, you just hurt performance. Considering the
benefits is so marginal and dangerous, I suggest stay with the idea that
"only retrive the columns that you are interested in".


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