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Of course I know that I can build materialized views with triggers, but
so far I've avoided using triggers altogether ... I would really
appreciate something like "create view foo (select * from b) materialize
on query".

But I'll look into your blog entry, thanks again!

> On Mon, 16 Jan 2006 15:36:53 +0100
> Michael Riess <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been reading an interesting article which compared different
>> database systems, focusing on materialized views. I was wondering how
>> the postgresql developers feel about this feature ... is it planned
>> to implement materialized views any time soon? They would greatly
>> improve both performance and readability (and thus maintainability)
>> of my code.
>> In particular I'm interested in a view which materializes whenever
>> queried, and is invalidated as soon as underlying data is changed.
>   You can already build materialized views in PostgreSQL, but you
>   end up doing the "heavy lifting" yourself with triggers. You put
>   insert/update/delete triggers on the underlying tables of your
>   view that "do the right thing" in your materialized view table.
>   I wrote a blog entry about this recently,
>, where I used a very simple
>   materialized view to achieve the performance I needed. It has links
>   to the relevant documentation you'll need however to build triggers
>   for a more complex situation.
>   Hope this helps!
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