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From: Kris Jurka
Subject: Re: getGeneratedKeys
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getGeneratedKeys  ("Saleem EDAH-TALLY", )
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  Re: getGeneratedKeys  ("Saleem EDAH-TALLY", )
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On Mon, 9 Mar 2009, Saleem EDAH-TALLY wrote:

> I've tried for single and multiple inserts and it does work.
> I don't know what would be returned if a table has more than one sequence as
> default value for columns, I don't have need for this so I won't try.
> Just for curiosity, does it work by driver implementation solely or are there
> changes in PostgreSQL backend that help the implementation ?

The 8.2 server release included support for the RETURNING clause for
inserts, updates, and deletes which allow the server to return the values

Kris Jurka

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