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On 25 Sep 2016, at 10:12, Riaan Stander <> wrote:
> Good day
> I’m leading the charge in our company to change our software product from SQL Server to PostgreSQL.
> Our reasons are as follows:
> Cost: To use our product our self-hosted clients need to have SQL Server installed. None of them can afford the cost
ofEnterprise edition, limiting our ability to offer high availability solutions. 
> Agility: When we want to use features in newer version of SQL Server we are in effect forcing our clients to upgrade,
attheir cost, to the latest version. This obviously does not go down well, limiting our ability to move forward. 
> Our own hosting cost: Even for ourselves paying for SQL Server Enterprise in order to offer high availability is not
> Given the above I’m proposing our company drop SQL Server and move over to PostgreSQL. Apart from technical features,
whichwe are testing, business needs convincing to move away from something they know to something new. 
> Can you point me to any marketing material, facts, use cases, white papers that can help state my business case.

There are some Case Studies here, mostly from ~2011-2012 though as we
haven’t been keeping that up to date:


As a thought, if your company uses VMware internally, these will probably
be relevant then:


Those two links are about VMware moving to bundle PostgreSQL as the
embedded vCenter database (for ~all installations).  Both an interesting
read, but also can be pointed out that places using VMware might as well
start getting some PostgreSQL understanding happening now. :D

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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