Re: Indexes not used in DELETE

From: Viktor Rosenfeld
Subject: Re: Indexes not used in DELETE
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In response to: Re: Indexes not used in DELETE  (Tom Lane)
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Hi Tom,

I should have looked at the analyzed plan first. The culprit for the
slow query were trigger function calls on foreign keys.


Am 08.05.2009 um 01:06 schrieb Tom Lane:

> Viktor Rosenfeld <> writes:
>>                            ->  Seq Scan on corpus toplevel
>> (cost=0.00..1.39 rows=1 width=54)
>>                                  Filter: (top_level AND (id =
>> 25::numeric))
>> Specifically, I'm wondering why the innermost scan on corpus
>> (toplevel) does not use the index idx_corpus__toplevel
> The cost estimate indicates that there are so few rows in corpus
> that an indexscan would be a waste of time.
>> and why the
>> join between corpus (toplevel) and corpus (child) is not a merge join
>> using the index corpus_pre_key to access the child table.
> Same answer.  Populate the table and the plan will change.
>             regards, tom lane
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