Re: BUG #3488: exporting data

From: Decibel!
Subject: Re: BUG #3488: exporting data
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In response to: BUG #3488: exporting data  ("sreenair")
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Moving to -novice.

On Jul 26, 2007, at 6:01 AM, sreenair wrote:
> The following bug has been logged online:
> Bug reference:      3488
> Logged by:          sreenair
> Email address:      
> PostgreSQL version: 7.3
> Operating system:   windows xp
> Description:        exporting data
> Details:
> Sir,
> While exporting data from postgres the date format is not generated as
> dd-mon-yyyy, instead it is displaying in dd-mm-yyyy.

1) This isn't a bug, so you're not going to get much help from
submitting a bug
2) Is there a reason you're using an ancient version?
3) See the docs on data type formatting (section 9.8)
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