[pgsql-advocacy] Remember: Invitation at PGCUBA-2017

From: Gilberto Castillo
Subject: [pgsql-advocacy] Remember: Invitation at PGCUBA-2017
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For All,

Happy new year!!!!

PostgreSQL-Cuba is pleased to invite you the PgCuba to be held in
Havana Cuba from 27 to 31 March 2017.
For more details on the call please read attached file.

» Management and optimization of servers, best practices and safety
» Training and education PostgreSQL
» Development Tools and Utilities
» Developing extensions
» Server Maintenance
» Migration from other managers PostgreSQL database
» Implementation of Business Intelligence solutions in PostgreSQL
» Case studies or success in using PostgreSQL
» Replication / Scaling
» Programming server side database
» Use of non-relational features in PostgreSQL

It will be a nice space to exchange about how much we have progressed in the
assimilation and use of PostgreSQL in our institutions and

Gilberto Castillo
PostgreSQL-Cuba, La Habana, Cuba

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