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From: Gabriele Bartolini
Subject: Re: Australia: PostgreSQL Miniconf at LinuxConf 2013
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Hi Josh,

Il 10/08/12 04:13, Josh Berkus ha scritto:
> Gabriele,
>>    If there is some interest, I can try and organise my yearly travel to
>> Australia during that period (running away from Italy's winter :) ) and
>> be in Canberra for the conference.
> Are you going to be at LinuxConf?  It's starting to look like I'm going.

I have applied for a 1-Day PostgreSQL miniconf and am waiting for their

If that's approved, I will postpone my trip to Australia for a few weeks
in order to include the conference. Otherwise, I will stick to the
original family plan to spend New Year's Eve Down Under (which is always

It would be good if you came as well, so that we can surely organise a
better quality event.

However, I want to thank Rob (Napier) and Toby (Corkindale) who
privately gave me their support in case the conference goes ahead.


  Gabriele Bartolini - 2ndQuadrant Italia
  PostgreSQL Training, Services and Support

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