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I am looking to setup replication of my postgresql database, primarily for performance reasons.

The searching I've done shows a lot of different options, can anyone give suggestions about which one(s) are best? I've read the archives, but there seems to be more replication solutions since the last thread on this subject and it seems to change frequently.

I'd really like a solution that replicates DDL, but very few do so I think I'm out of luck for that. I can live without it.
Multi-master support would be nice too, but also seems to cause too many problems so it looks like I'll have to do without it too.

Slony-I - I've used this in the past, but it's a huge pain to work with, caused serious performance issues under heavy load due to long running transactions (may not be the case anymore, it's been a while since I used it on a large database with many writes), and doesn't seem very reliable (I've had replication break on me multiple times).

Mammoth Replicator - This is open source now, is it any good? It sounds like it's trigger based like Slony. Is it based on Slony, or simply use a similar solution?

pgpool - Won't work for us reliably for replication because we have some triggers and stored procedures that write data.

PGCluster - Sounds cool, but based on the mailing list traffic and the last news post on the site being from 2005, development seems to be near dead. Also, no releases seems to make it beyond the RC stage -- for multi-master stability is particularly important for data integrity.

PGReplicator - Don't know anything special about it.

- Don't know anything special about it.

Postgres-R - Don't know anything special about it.

SkyTools/Londiste - Don't know anything special about it.

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