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From Andrew Dunstan
Subject Re: PG 7.3 is five years old today
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Josh Berkus wrote:
> Tom,
>> There has been some discussion of making a project policy of dropping
>> support for old releases after five years.  Should we consider formally
>> instituting that?
> The community consensus I recall was three versions only.  Anything beyond 
> that would be up to the vendors.
> Mind you, I don't know what EDB guarentees but the Sun folks could end up 
> patching everything back to 8.1 for the next 5 years depending on customer 
> demand.  So I think 5 years will be a reality for us for the conceivable 
> future.

I don't know that we came up with a highly specific policy. My 
recollection was something like "Support would be maintained for n years 
(or possibly releases), after which we could discontinue support at any 
time if bugs were unpatchable."

The burden of maintaining back releases isn't really all that great, ISTM.

I have no objection to cutting a release and declaring it final (with a 
possible exception for security fixes).



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