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From Dave Page
Subject Re: PG 7.3 is five years old today
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Tom Lane wrote:
> "Dave Page" <> writes:
>>> From: Tom Lane <>
>>> I see that there are two or three minor bug fixes in the REL7_3_STABLE
>>> branch since 7.3.20.  Rather than just leaving those to rot, maybe the
>>> actual policy should be "only one more update after 8.3 comes out".
>> I assume you no longer need  to maintain it for Redhat then?
> Well, I still do, nominally, but RHEL-3 is in maintenance mode (meaning
> no more scheduled updates).  It would take a fairly serious bug to get
> Red Hat's attention to the point that they'd want to turn the package.
> If something like that came up, very possibly we'd want to put out a
> fix too.  What I'm thinking is more along the lines of not bothering
> with back-patching non-catastrophic bugs, and not automatically
> including 7.3 in the set of branches we make back-branch releases for.

OK, well +1 for dropping it from me then.


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