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From: Ulrich Cech
Subject: Re: Large objetcs performance
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Hello Alexandre,

<We have an application subjected do sign documents and store them

I developed a relative simple "file archive" with PostgreSQL (web
application with JSF for user interface). The major structure is one
table with some "key word fields", and 3 blob-fields (because exactly 3
files belong to one record). I have do deal with millions of files (95%
about 2-5KB, 5% are greater than 1MB).
The great advantage is that I don't have to "communicate" with the file
system (try to open a directory with 300T files on a windows system...
it's horrible, even on the command line).

The database now is 12Gb, but searching with the web interface has a
maximum of 5 seconds (most searches are faster). The one disadvantage is
the backup (I use pg_dump once a week which needs about 10 hours). But
for now, this is acceptable for me. But I want to look at slony or port
everything to a linux machine.


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