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From: Tom Lane
Subject: Re: Never ending delete story
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=?UTF-8?B?SmFyb3PFgmF3IFBhxYJrYQ==?= <> writes:
> We are running PostgreSQL server version 7.4.6 on RedHat 9 (Shrike) on
> single Pentium 4 (2.66 GHz) box with SCSI disc and 512 MB RAM.
> Our database contains several tables (small size) and one special table
> with ~1000000 records (it contains log entries from system activity).We
> decided that its time to do a little clean-up and  it's still running
> (for about  12 hours) and it seems that it won't stop :((

Do you have any foreign keys linking *to* (not from) this table?
If so, they probably need indexes on the far end.  Also check for
datatype discrepancies.

            regards, tom lane

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