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From Joshua D. Drake
Subject Re: Training events policy ... first test case
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On Wed, 24 Oct 2007 10:51:28 -0700
Josh Berkus <> wrote:

> Folks,
> > > > PostgreSQL Administration ... 2007-10-22
> > > > PostgreSQL Database Implem ...2007-11-13
> > > > Intense PostgreSQL Trainin ...2007-11-12
> > > > PostgreSQL Tuning & Perfor ...2007-12-01
> > > > etc. ...
> > >
> > > I think you need *at least* Country in there somewhere, if not
> > > State/Province ... ppl outside the US, for instance, might grow
> > > tired of clicking through if the result is always something in
> > > the US, when all that really interests them are stuff in the
> > > UK ...
> >
> > Country and State/Province.
> Hmmm, let's stay on target here.  What I'm trying to do is to make
> those "top 3" spots less valuable so that training providers won't
> fight over them. That is, so list enough on the home page to make
> people realize training exists, but have all links go to the full
> training listings.

I believe we are. I agree with what you are trying to do, but I also
don't think providing unnecessary clicks to our community helps us any.
> Right now the issue is that training events get something like 1000
> views a week while their on the home page, and < 100 views a week
> otherwise.  That's enough of a difference to make providers
> manipulate the listings a bit.


> So, I'd be happy with this as well:
> USA, Atlanta ... 2007-10-22
> USA, Edison ...2007-11-13
> UK, London ...2007-11-12
> Sao Paulo, Brazil ...2007-12-01
> etc.

Hmm I like that. I guess it depends on how much room we have on the
page for such a thing. One thought would be to swap LATEST NEWS for

That would give more room to what is likely our most sought after
information on the front page.

> I *don't* buy the argument that "we can trust EDB so they're exempt
> from the restrictions we level on other providers," since we don't
> seem to have cut OTG any slack whatsoever despite their contributions.

I believe that we should not trust *any* company that is submitting
their news through a PR firm. PR firms, lie, on purpose, for profit.
They make money on manipulation, not truth or substance.


Joshua D. Drake

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