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Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> I've deliberately let the dust settle slightly on this.
> One thing that might help is a more open sponsorship "clearing house".
> Example (not meant as a bid, but just to illustrate): the JDBC driver
> needs a scanner overhaul - it breaks on dollar quoting and a bunch of
> other stuff. I could do that work (as could others, of course) but I
> don't have time, unless someone buys some of my professional time.
> Someone might want to do just that, but how would they find me?
> Regarding the secret code stuff - I predict that it will quickly bite
> whoever does it, unless they are extremely lucky.

Let me add that we really do want these companies to succeed.

For me, it is all a matter of meeting the company's expectations.  If a
company wants to add a closed-source feature to PostgreSQL, that's fine,
but if they work on a features and eventually want it integrated into
the main code, I don't want that to fail and have them be disappointed.
The same goes for duplicated effort --- if they don't wnat it to happen,
I want to help them prevent it.

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