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From: Michael Fuhr
Subject: Re: Million of rows
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On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 03:33:24PM -0300, Vinicius Bernardi wrote:
> But now the problem starts when I has to select data from this
> vehicles about the history ( I store only 2 months ) something like 40
> or 50 millions of data about 500 vehicles.
> Using the keys VEHICLE_ID and GPS_TIME, the perfomance is very low...

Please post an example query and the EXPLAIN ANALYZE output.  The
table definition might be useful too.

> I need some ideas for a better perfomance in this table

Do you have indexes where you need them?  Do you cluster on any of
the indexes?  Do you VACUUM and ANALYZE the database regularly?
Have you investigated whether you need to increase the statistics
on any columns?  Have you tuned postgresql.conf?  What version of
PostgreSQL are you using?

Michael Fuhr

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