PostgreSQL RPM sets for 9.0 Alpha4 released

From: Devrim GÜNDÜZ
Subject: PostgreSQL RPM sets for 9.0 Alpha4 released
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PostgreSQL RPM Building Project released RPM sets for 4th Alpha of the
upcoming 9.0 release.

Please note that these packages are **not** production ready.

They are built for Fedora 7,8,11,12 and RHEL/CentOS 4,5.

These packages *do* require a dump/reload, even from the third alpha
packages, because of catversion updates.

We need more people to discover any bugs and test new features in 9.0
development version.

Here is the list of the new features in 9.0 development version:

This RPM set has new experimental feature that has been requested for a
long time: Multiple version installation for RPMs. We also need
volunteers to test this new RPM feature. This new release has many RPM
fixes over the last alpha.

As usual, please find detailed info about RPMs from:

This is the new RPM repository URL. You will need to update repo RPMs
as written in the link above.

Also, these packages are distributed over the PostgreSQL FTP repository,

A mini howto about 9.0 alpha release + RPMs are here:

Please report any packaging related errors to me. If you find any
PostgreSQL 9.0 bugs, please post them to  or
fill out this form:

SRPMs will follow in a day or two.

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PostgreSQL RPM Repository:
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From: Devrim GÜNDÜZ
Subject: PostgreSQL RPM sets for 9.0 Alpha4 released
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