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While you guys are at it, can you write up something for 7.3.5 which was
released today...

Robert Treat

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 13:38, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Merlin,
> > Here are my suggestions:
> > The first sentence is a non sequitur.  It states postgres was released
> > due to having a large number of enterprise features, while the intended
> > meaning is to imply a long testing period.
> > The word 'enterprise' should not be in quotes because it does not
> > normally appear in quotes.  Quotation marks imply a user inferred
> > meaning that differs from the normal one.  In this case it implies
> > triteness (at least to me).
> > The personal pronoun 'our' does not belong here.
> > 'Click download links above to download it' is better stated as 'The new
> > version is available in the download section' (perhaps with a 'located
> > above' tacked on to the end).
> Thanks, but a critique doesn't do us much good if you don't supply alternate
> text.  How about you just re-write the paragraph and I'll post it?
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