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I'm would think Sony would be happy to give support. We may be able to get
other companies as well. I am copying Christian Danella, president of
Prequent - our PR agency - who can coordinate getting supportive quotes.


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> Folks,
> OK, I've solicited Sun, Apple, Unisys and OmniTI for quotes for the 8.2
> release.   We may end up with Sun simply becuase I can reach an executive
> at Sun and get a quote out of them, whereas both Unisys and Apple have
> been fence-sitting about any public support for us.
> Given Pervasive's shutdown, I think it's essential that we get the quote
> of
> a Fortune 500 company on the release to show that we're still relevant.
> So I don't think a quote from a startup or small consulting company is
> equivalent.
> If we do end up with Sun as the "suit" quote, then I'd like to have a
> backup for OmniTi as the "8.2 features" quote, since OmniTi is a big
> Solaris vendor and we don't want the release All About Sun.    Can anoyone
> come up with another medium-to-high-profile PostgreSQL user who can be
> enthusiastic about some/all 8.2 features?  Maybe Greenplum has someone?
> --
> --Josh
> Josh Berkus
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