Feature Comparison

Postgres Pro Enterprise vs. Postgres Pro Standard

Main features

Enhancements developed by the Postgres Professional team

Postgres Pro

PostgreSQL fork created to meet the needs of large enterprises

Postgres Pro

PostgreSQL fork with early access to newest PostgreSQL features

Licensed by cores at MS Azure cores at MS Azure
Failover configuration: a primary server plus standby servers
Reading data from a standby server
Transaction DDL
Extendable architecture (new data types, indexes, programming languages can be added dinamically)
Full-text search
Support for semistructured data, SQL/JSON
Failover master-master configuration (multimaster)
Data compression
64-bit transaction ID (xid)
Built-in connection pooler
Block-level incremental backup with data consistency checks
Autonomous transactions
Built-in task scheduler
ML-based query optimization
Effecient partitioning for 10,000+ partitions
Detection of the most resource-consuming operations based on historical workloas analysis
Corrupted WAL data recovery feature
Audit of varuous events related to security
Extended authentication policies
Automatic page repair while streaming replication in case of data corruption (non-corrupted pages are requested from the standby server)
Relaxation of synchronous replication restrictions to let the primary server continue to work if one of the standby servers is temporarily unavailable
Improved lock checking mechanism that does not negatively impact performance
Increased scheduling speed and efficiency for various types of queries
Reduced memory consumption when processing complex queries to multilple tables
Statistics updates in target tables after DML operations
Data statistics to be saved during backup and restore
Statistics on SQL query execution and wait events to be collected
Managing query plans with special pointers for the scheduler
Checking query execution status in the served process
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