PostgreSQL documentation is a comprehensive guide for the DBMS. It contains in-depth and precise information provided by PostgreSQL developers and is carefully kept up-to-date at all times.

Postgres Professional delivers the official Russian translation for the Russian community.

While working on this translation, we have also compiled an English-Russian glossary. We recommend consulting this glossary when translating English articles into Russian to use consistent Russian terminology familiar to a wide audience.

We also provide an advanced search for mailing lists that supports identifiers with underscores.

Demo Database

The demonstration database for PostgreSQL is intended to illustrate SQL theory with comprehensive examples for practicing SQL queries.

When developing this demo database, we tried to make the database schema as simple as possible, without overloading it with unnecessary details, but not too simple to allow building interesting and meaningful queries. It consists of several tables containing meaningful data on airline flights.


«Postgres: The First Experience» is intended for those who only start getting acquainted with the world of PostgreSQL. It contains some basic information about this DBMS and its main features, history of its creation and development roadmap, step-by-step installation instructions and a getting started guide.

«SQL Language. Basic course» textbook (available in Russian only) can be used for teaching SQL basics in colleges and for self-study. The book covers SQL standard features and some PostgreSQL specifics.

«Foundations of database technology» (available in Russian only) is a higher-level university textbook covering main concepts of DBMS, with PostgreSQL examples.

We are collaborating with authors to deliver other great books on PostgreSQL.

Training Courses

We are developing training courses for DBAs and application developers. Currently the only available course in English is:

More courses are available in Russian:

  • DBA1. PostgreSQL administration. Basics
  • DBA2. PostgreSQL administration. Tuning and monitoring
  • DBA3. PostgreSQL administration. Backup and replication
  • DEV1. Basic server-side application development
  • DEV2. Advanced server-side application development
  • QPT. Query optimization

The courses are conducted by several major Russian training centers authorized by our company.