pgpro_upgrade — upgrade a Postgres Pro database cluster to a minor update version


pgpro_upgrade [{ -D | --pgdata } directory] [ --check ]

pgpro_upgrade [ --help ]


pgpro_upgrade is a shell script provided in the Postgres Pro distribution to facilitate Postgres Pro upgrades to minor update versions based on the same PostgreSQL major version. This script checks whether the new version introduces any system catalog changes and adds the corresponding features into the catalog of the existing database cluster. When run without any options, pgpro_upgrade upgrades the cluster specified in the PGDATA environment variable.


pgpro_upgrade accepts the following command-line arguments:

-D directory
--pgdata directory

Specify the data directory of the database cluster to be upgraded. By default, pgpro_upgrade upgrades the cluster specified in the PGDATA environment variable.


Check whether the specified database cluster needs to be upgraded, without changing any data. Return values are:

  • 0 if no changes are required.

  • 1 if the cluster needs to be upgraded.


Show help, then exit.


For Postgres Pro minor updates that introduce any system catalog changes as compared to the previous version, pgpro_upgrade must be run to update system catalogs after installing such updates. If you are upgrading your Postgres Pro installation from a binary package, the pgpro_upgrade script is run automatically, unless you are prompted to run it manually. If you have compiled Postgres Pro from source code or created your database in a non-default location, you must run the pgpro_upgrade script manually.

By default, pgpro_upgrade is located in install-dir/bin, where install-dir is the Postgres Pro installation directory. To manually run pgpro_upgrade, follow this procedure:

  1. Stop the postgres service.

  2. Install the new Postgres Pro version into your current installation directory.

  3. On behalf of the system user owning the database, run the pgpro_upgrade script with the -D option specifying the database cluster to upgrade:

    install-dir/bin/pgpro_upgrade -D directory

    The script checks whether any changes are needed and updates the system catalogs accordingly, if required.


On Windows systems, you can also run pgpro_upgrade using install-dir/scripts/pgpro_upgrade.cmd wrapper provided for convenience. This wrapper launches the pgpro_upgrade script for the default database cluster, without taking any arguments.

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